One Dead Flea

Guest WriterShepherd's Song

 Betty Call
“… for the king of Israel has come out to search for a single flea, just as one hunts a partridge in the mountains” (I Samuel 26:20).
While reading this morning from I Samuel 25:17-20, I was impressed by the words of David to King Saul. David said the king was obsessed by a single flea. Of course David was likening himself to a mere flea that Saul was spending most of his time and energy trying to kill while he let the responsibilities of being king over God’s people take second place in his focus.
David used that example to show the importance of where we focus our attention. As King, Saul had great responsibilities. All of the affairs of the kingdom were being left undone while his focus was centered upon the death of David.
Florida has sand fleas and mosquitoes. Even one attacking annoys me until I drop everything I am doing and focus all of my attention on swatting it. Even if what I was originally doing was very important, I stop and my total attention is focused on the tiny invader. I don’t rank a flea as something important, but it has my attention to the exclusion of things that are important.
I wonder how many days I have spent sidetracked from tasks that were important to God’s kingdom work with my focus upon that which was least important. How many days have I wasted pursuing the unimportant?
What really determines the importance of our thoughts or tasks? When I view things in God’s strong light of eternal values I can see if it is something that will glorify God and remain for eternity; or it may be like the wood and stubble spoken of in 1 Co 3: 11-15, as something that will be consumed by fire.
At the morn of each new day I have the task of asking the Holy Spirit to give me the mind of Christ so I can set priorities for the day ahead. I will have 24 hours that can never be replaced, relived or changed once they are gone. How I think will affect the effectiveness of anything I do.
At the close of the day I do not want to see God’s kingdom work about my feet “undone” and the only thing remaining in my hand to present to God is “one dead flea.”